Airport Security Supervisors Course

This eight-day course is designed to ensure that relevant personnel at airports can supervise and monitor the implementation of aviation security preventive measures through the application of the relevant competencies required for security supervisors. The participants should have already attended a specialized aviation security training activity or have the experience in airport security operations.

ICAO Regional Training Director - MR. Mohamed Hussein Abdelfattah - T: +20100143 5978 - Email:

ICAO Regional Training Manager - MR. Mostafa Abdelaal Hassan - T: +2011114382870 - Email: 

Course Objectives

The course aims to enable participants to:

  • Supervise the implementation of the aviation security preventive measures and monitor the quality of the performance of the various tasks; and
  • Contribute to the safety and security of passengers, crew, ground personnel, and the general public.

Target Audience

Aviation security personnel at the basic level with the potential for promotion to the supervisory level;

  • Existing airport supervisors who have not received formal supervisory training;
  • Aviation security personnel from the State's appropriate authority or from airlines tasked with ensuring the application of aviation security preventive measures at airports; and
  • Personnel from aviation related agencies engaged in aviation security support activities.


Participants should satisfy the following criteria: 

  • Have successfully completed the ICAO Aviation Security Basic Course or equivalent training; 

Certificate(s) Awarded

In order to receive a certificate of successful completion, participants will be required to pass an end of course exam based on the presentations and materials used during the course. 

Course Code
8 Days
Price [USD] : 1300.00
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Course Schedule

11 / 8 / 2024

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