passenger fare & ticketing Advanced

Course Objectives

By the end of this course the trainees should be able to

  • Interpret and apply exceptions to various
  • Rules & fare constructions checks
  • Calculate fares for journeys with surface sectors
  • Apply both industry (IATA) & carrier add-ons
  • Follow appropriate endorsement procedures

Course Contents

Review of

  • IATA  Geography , Global Indicators
  • Currency rules & rounding procedures
  • Specified routings & the mileage system
  • One way & return trips fare construction
  • Latest definitions of trip types
  •  Special mileage provisions
  • Journeys with surface sectors
  • Circle trip with unreasonable connection
  • Permissible surface sector check
  • Surface break TPM check(SBTC)
  • Combination of consecutive/contiguous OW and Return sub journeys
  • Endorsement
  • Voluntary rerouting &reissues
  • Acceptance & issuance of MCOs and MPDs
  • Currency restrictions
  • Involuntary rerouting 
  • Refunds
  •  Industry and carrier add-ons and how to use the list of U.S. cities in geographical zones

Target Audience

  • Travel  Agents
  • Airline Accountants


  • Good Command of English Language
  • The trainee must have successfully passed the initial passenger fares and ticketing course
Course Code
5 Days
Price [EGP] : 2150.00
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