Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) for Passenger Handling Personnel - Initial

Course Objectives

By the end of this course the trainees should be able to:

  • Identify and classify dangerous goods
  • Interpret hazard communication
  • Detect hidden dangerous goods in cargo and mail
  • Accept passenger and crew baggage
  • Explain the basic Emergency Response procedures

Course Contents

Module 1 - applicability

  • Scope and applicability (including overview of DG regulatory requirements)
  • Definitions, Roles and Responsibilities
  • Training requirements

Module 2 - Limitation

  • Limitation of dangerous goods on aircraft
  • Provisions concerning passengers and crew
  • Provisions to aid recognition of undeclared dangerous goods

Module 3 - Classification

  • Classification General

Module 4 – Marking & Labelling

  • Package markings
  • Labelling

Module 5 - Emergency response procedures

  • Emergency response procedures
  • Reporting of dangerous goods accidents, incidents and other occurrences


Target Audience

  • Personnel responsible for accepting passenger and crew baggage, managing aircraft boarding areas and other tasks involving direct passenger contact at an airport


  • Good Command of English Language

Evaluation Mean(s)

Final Assessment (theoretical/practical)

  •  Quizzes and task observation
  •   Assessment

               Simulation including documentation

              Job shadowing for 2 weeks with peer reports. A list of tasks to be carried out with a checklist to verify that the tasks have been carried out satisfactorily

  • Theoretical Examination at the end of the course.
Course Code
6 hours
Price [EGP] : 900.00
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