Air Craft Loading For Load master

9 days

Course Objectives

by the end of the course the trainees will be able to :

prepare the aircraft loading process 

identify the components of the planned load on the (LIR)

direct the loading and securing process of loads on board the A/C

identify the air craft loading limitation

complete of the loading instruction report  (LIR)

prepare and send the required operational messages 

Course Contents

 1. Introductions to Load Master Activities
The concepts, goal and components of the Load Master System and procedures.
Load Control System.
Load Master Sub-System.
The role and responsibilities of the Load Master.
The Interrelationships between the Load Master and other operational areas.

2.Preparation for Aircraft Loading Process
Flight Roster/Log Book.
Definition of Departure Terms.
Elements of Aircraft Registration.
Airport Layout.
Freight Forwarding Message (FFM).
Cargo Manifest.
Definition of Special Loads.
Types of Special Loads.
Basic Baggage Calculation for Unit Load Devices.
Loading Instruction Report.
Loading Personnel.
Loading Equipment.

3Loading Instruction Report Layout (LIR) and Content
Layout of the Loading Instruction Report (LIR).
Numbering of Holds / Compartments.
Designation of Sections.
Designation of Bays.
Completed LIR.
Differences between the Manual LIR and the Load Plan.

4. Ramp Safety
Personnel Safety in the Ramp Area.
Protective clothing.
Personnel positioning on the ramp.
Physical effort.

5.Aircraft structural loading limitations
Aircraft Structure.
Main Deck Layouts.
Main Deck Row Designations.
Main Deck Bay Designations.
Physical Characteristics of cargo Compartment.
Compartment Serviceability.
ULD'S locks.
Running (linear) Load Limitations.
Compartment Load Limitations.
Area Load Limitations.                    
Contact Load Limitations.
Point Load Limitations.
Combined Load Limitations.

6.Unit Load Devices and Aircraft Dead Load
Certified Aircraft Unit Load Devices (ULD'S).
Non-certified Aircraft Unit Load Devices (ULD'S).
Main types of aircraft ULD'S.
Pallet / Net.
Igloo / Net.
Structural Igloo.
8’x8’ main deck container.
Lower deck certified container.
Non-certified aircraft container.
Advantages of using ULD'S.
Disadvantages of using ULD'S.
Container /Pallet Tag.
Occurrence Report.
ULD'S Serviceability Checklist.
Egypt air ULD'S.
How to review (check) the serviceability of ULD'S.
When to review (check) the serviceability of ULD'S. 

7. Loading of Unit Load Devices and Bulk Shipments
Typical Ground Equipment Positioning.
Aircraft Restrain System.
Load Dimensions.
Aircraft loading Chart.
Stowing of a Bulk Shipment. 
Spreaders used by Egypt air.
How to calculate the number of Spreaders use.
Reference table use of Spreaders.
Securing of Bulk Loads.
How to calculate the number of straps.
Tie-Down Equipment.

8.Handling of Special Loads
Definition of Special Loads.
Types of Special Loads.
Wet cargo.
Human remains.
Fragile loads.
Heavy and bulky load.
Oversize (Overhang.)
 Live animals.
 Dangerous goods.
 Segregation table for loading dangerous goods with other Special Loads.

9.Finalization of aircraft loading process
Last- minute change.
Completing the departure section of LIR.
Circumstances leading to deviations from LIR.

10.Finalization of loading documentation
Post – Departure Messages.
Containers/Pallets Distribution Message (CPM).
ULD Control Message (UCM).
Load Message (LDM).
Final flight report.

11.General Weight and Balance proficiency and awareness
Terminology, Operational Codes, Abbreviations.
Aircraft balance principles.
Why weights & balance are important.
Aircraft Weights limitation.
Manufacturer’s Empty Weight (M.E.W).
Basic Weight (B.W).
Dry Operating Weight (D.O.W).
Aircraft Traffic Load.
Zero Fuel Weight (Z.F.W).
Maximum Take-off Weight (T.O.W).
Maximum Landing Weight (L.A.W).
Consequences of improper aircraft loading.
An overview about Load Sheet.
An overview about Trim Sheet.

12.Operation of aircraft loading systems
Opening and closing of aircraft hold doors.
In-plane loading systems.
ULD automated and hand operated restraints.

13.Baggage handling
Work Procedures at Baggage Sorting Area
Baggage handling3
Baggage Reconciliation system (BRS)

14.SAFA awareness
SAFA historical background.
Members in the EC SAFA Program.
Which aircraft and operators are checked?
What is checked?
Code (D) - Cargo Condition.
Code (D01): General condition of cargo compartment.
Code (D02): Dangerous Goods.
Code (D03): Safety of cargo on board.
Non- compliance categories.
Load Masters (SAFA) checklist.

Target Audience

loading officers - engineers -quality specialists


Minimum age
Not Applicable 
Education or Qualification Requirements
high graduated 

Medical Requirements
Not Applicable 
Linguistic Requirements
English ( read & Write )
Credits for previous knowledge
Not Applicable 

Evaluation Mean(s)

Evaluation Means
Theoretical Examination at the end of course.
Examination Pass Grade
80 %

Certificate(s) Awarded

approved From ECCA

Course Code
9 Days
Price [EGP] : 4050.00
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