Digital Marketing

Course Objectives

  • Identify and understand the Importance of Marketing in General and Digital Marketing in specific
  • Understand the basic principles and role of effective digital marketing strategies
  • Efficient way of constructing and using digital marketing campaigns through DM channels in terms of cost reduction and revenue optimization
  • Be able to discuss the basic principles of consumer behavior and customer care

Course Contents

  • Marketing Definition and Objectives
  • Understand Marketplace and Customer needs 
  • Marketing Process and MIX 
  • Selecting Target Market segmentation and customer to serve
  • Customer behavior, Customer centric and online customer type 
  • Digital Marketing Definition and Objectives 
  • DM Channels with Advantages and Disadvantages 
  • DM Characteristics and Funnel 
  • DM Strategies, DM action Plan and Campaigns 
  • DM Measurement Tools 
Course Code
5 Days
Price [EGP] : 800.00
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