Aircraft Loading for Load Master

This course will provide load masters with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to ensure that loading procedures are implemented appropriately in order to achieve the goal of safely and securely loaded aircraft in accordance with Egypt Air Ground Operation local Manual

conducted by ICAO certified instructors .

conducted in English language .

Course Objectives

After having successfully completed this course, the participants will be able to:

Prepare for Loading Process
Verify Pre-loading Status
Direct Loading of Aircraft
Finalize Loading Documentation

Course Contents


Target Audience

Primary Target Population
 load master officers

Secondary Target Population
Direct related jobs to aircraft loading process such as managers, supervisors, quality control specialists ….etc.


Newly hired personnel with a university degree.

Proficiency in written and oral English is required.

Evaluation Mean(s)

Mastery test after accomplish each module.

Certificate(s) Awarded

ICAO TRAINAIR Certificate.

Course Code
069/189/ATE ALM
5 days / 30 hours
Price [USD] : 550.00
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