Food Safety Onboard

Course Objectives

To increase the awareness of cabin crew food safety knowledge, attitudes and perceptions and evaluate what food safety practices cabin crew reportedly implement towards food safety risks. This course will assist in the development of an airline food safety best practice and practical toolkit.

Course Contents

  • Module (1): Introduction to food safety onboard
    • Why Safe food handling?
    • Safe Food onboard responsibility?
    • Food safety, Spoilage, poisoning definitions
    • The "TOP TEN" food handling practices that cause food poisoning.
    • Six conditions in which micro-organisms need to grow
    • Bacterial Growth Curve
    • Effects of Time
    • Temperature Dangerous Zone
    • Potential hazard food (PHF)
  • Module (2): Food Safety Hazards
    • Food Hazards
    • Biological Hazards
    • The most pathogenic microorganisms
    • Reduce biological contamination
    • Chemical hazards
    • Reduce chemical contamination
    • Physical Hazard
    • Reduced physical hazards
    • Allergenic Hazard
    • Reduce Allergenic Hazard
    • IATA Special Meals Code
  • Module (3): Handling Food Safely Onboard
    • Choosing the meals
    • Evaluation safety of meals
    • Temperature and time control
    • Rejecting Meals upon receiving
    • Check The galley
    • Handling dry ice
    • Protect high-risk food
    • Store different classes of foods
    • Handling dry ice
    • Hygienic food handling
    • Proper personal hygiene
    • Proper galley sanitation
    • Water and ice hygiene
    • Control of temperature and time
  • Module (4): Cleaning and Disinfectant
    • Cleaning and disinfectant definitions
    • Reasons of cleaning
    • Superficial and Deep Cleaning
    • After cleaning and disinfecting
    • Check the galley cleaning
    • Discarding waste materials onboard
  • Exam

Target Audience

  • Cabin Crew
  • Food handlers
  • Food Quality Controller


Basic Food Safety Course - Details

Evaluation Mean(s)

Writing Exam

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1 Day
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