Aircraft Loading Basic Principles

Course Objectives

By the end of this course the trainees should be able to:
Know the names & definitions of loading. 
Load aircraft according to load instructions

Course Contents

Day 1
o   Loading and inspection principles of the validity of the stores
o   Securing Methods
o   Special Loads
Day 2
o   Duties and Responsibilities of Work Safety and security of individuals and aircraft on the ramp
o   Inspection on the validity of the equipment
o   Opening and closing the doors of the aircraft
Day 3
o   Baggage Handling
o   SAFA  Awareness

Target Audience

Loading Porters
Loading Drivers


Minimum age
Not Applicable 
Education or Qualification Requirements
Not Applicable 
Medical Requirements
Not Applicable 
Linguistic Requirements
Arabic (Read & Write)
Credits for previous knowledge
Not Applicable 

Evaluation Mean(s)

Evaluation Means
Theoretical Examination at the end of the course.
ExaminationPass Grade
80 %

Certificate(s) Awarded

Approved From ECCA

Course Code
Price [EGP] : 1350.00
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