Engine Borescope Familiarization for Graduate/Undergraduate Engineers (Theoretical and Practical)

Engine Borescope Familiarization for Graduate/Undergraduate Engineers (Theoretical and Practical) 

مدة التدريب 30 ساعة - 5 أيام

3 أيام نظري  - 2 يوم عملي

مناسب لطلبة كليات الهندسة تخصصات :( ميكانيكا - طيران - ميكاترونكس )

يفضل طلبة السنة الثانية و ما بعدها

Course Objectives

The purpose of the Borescope Inspection of the engine is to evaluate the condition and, if necessary, monitor under a cycle limitation, repair or remove the engine before a failure of the engine components. Trainees will have the knowledge mandatory for further specific Borescope training.

Course Contents

Undergraduate Aeronautical , Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineers

Target Audience

  • Introduction to bore scope inspection
  • Introduction to bore scope equipment.
  • Bore scope terminology.
  • Using bore scope / bore scope inspection procedures description
  • Parts of engine to inspect
  • Types of damage/ limits tables

Practical Training

  • Workshop Visits
  • Using Borescope


2nd Year Undergraduates

Course Code
5 Days- 30H
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