Cabin Crew/ Flight Purser Upgrade

 - Qualified Cabin Crew Member in Accordance with ECARS as To Prepare Them To Perform Purser And In-Flight Service Purser Duties


- Course References  : Egypt air training manual, ACCO (Leader Ship Skills).

- Place of Training :  Emergency Training Department (ETD)

Course Objectives

- By the end of this course the trainees should be able:-

 To Develop Leadership Skills.
 To Enhance Awareness Of Leadership. Understand The Connection Between Their Individual Impact and Their Team.

Course Contents

- Leader Ship Development –The Individual

- Leadership development- in groups

- Leadership development- in the organization

- Exam, FA & GSOP

- OM & Customer Care

- Customer Care


Target Audience

- Cabin Crew upgraded to Purser Position


- Good command of English language (written and spoken)

Evaluation Mean(s)

- Essay Exam

- Examination Pass Grade 70 %

Certificate(s) Awarded

- Not Applicable

Course Code
5 Days/30 HOURS
Up on Request
Course Schedule

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