Front Line Resourse Managment ( Initial)

 - By the end of this course the trainees should be able to:
 Complete understanding performance of effect of human factors on their performance

 - Course References :- ECARs part 121 subpart N 121.415
                                 ISAGO Audit Inspector’s Hand Book

- Place of Training :  Emergency Training Department (ETD)

Course Objectives

 - To enhance Front line Personnel knowledge and awareness of human factors which could cause incidents that affect customer satisfaction.
 To developsafety Front Line Skills and attitudes that enhances.


Course Contents

 - Module :1 Introduction

- Module 2: Communication

- Module 3: Error & Risk

- Module 4: Human Element

-Module 5: Situational Awareness

- Module 6: Workload management

- Module : 7 Stress

- Module 8: Time Management

- Module 9: Teamwork  

- Module10: Traffic Manual

- Module 11: Decision Loop

Target Audience

 - Persons to be appointed as station personnel


- Good command of English language (written and spoken)

Evaluation Mean(s)

- Not Applicable

Certificate(s) Awarded

- A Certificate Accredited By the Academy.

Course Code
2 DAY/ 6 HRS
Up on Request
Course Schedule

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