Instructor Evaluation &Performance Appraisal

 -  After Completion Of This Course The Trainee will Be Able To Evaluate Instructors, Prepare Evaluation Documents.

 - Course References : - ECAR 142 SUBPART 59
                                - Quality Procedures Manual
                                - Human Recourse Management manual
                                - Diagnosis & Determination, Journal of Sociology, Reed.
                                - Journal of Applied Psychology

- Place of Training  : Emergency Training Department (ETD)


Course Objectives

 - By The End of This Course The Trainees Should Be Able To Perform The Evaluation In Accordance with The Preset Procedures.

Course Contents

 - Introduction

- Performance Appraisal and Performance Management

- Instructor Evaluation

- Evaluation Standards

- Policies and Procedures

- Steps in Appraising Performance

- Appraising Performance Problems

- The Appraisal Interview .









Target Audience

 - Experienced instructors


 - High Academic Degree / High school

-  Good Command of English

Evaluation Mean(s)

- Theoretical Examination

- Examination Pass Grade 70 %

Certificate(s) Awarded

 - A Certificate Accredited By the Academy.

Course Code
1 DAY/ 6 HRS
Up on Request
Course Schedule

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