Initial Aviation Security Flight Deck & Cabin Crew

Course Objectives

This course will train Flight Deck and Cabin Crew to be able to:

  • The responsibilities of Crew and Flight Operations personnel for aviation security;
  • The need for personal security awareness;
  • The need for protection of parked aircraft;
  • Procedures to protect unattended aircraft;
  • Appropriate action if aircraft is not protected or security appears compromised;
  • The reasons for aircraft security searches;
  • The types and timing of aircraft searches;
  • The use of search checklists;
  • The action to be taken on finding a suspect item;
  • The correct procedures when dealing with a Bomb Threat Warning;
  • The basic principles of the Bomb Threat Warning Assessment process;
  • The procedures to follow when dealing with bomb threat warning against an aircraft on the ground;
  • Bomb threat terminology, assessment notification process and options;
  • The recommended flight deck crew response procedure to bomb threats, suspect explosive devices and suspect chemical/ biological devices;
  • The passenger Disturbance Treat Levels;
  • The response to disruptive passengers;
  • The response to an unlawful act on board the aircraft;
  • The main principle of civil aviation security relating to aircraft seizures;
  • Definitions relating to aircraft seizures and the counter-measures;
  • The recommended procedures to be used by flight crew in the event of hijacking;
  • Signals and covert communications system for the hijack situation;
  • Post-hijack procedures relating to media, company, police, passengers and crew;
  • Types of major emergency or crises;
  • The characteristics of a crisis;
  • The phases of a crisis involving hostage;
  • The principles of crisis management;
  • The need for command and control;

The function of crisis management centers and teams.

Course Contents

Introduction and course administration

  • understanding the causes of distributive passenger and unruly passenger 
  • Security Responsibilities and Awareness
  • Protection of Aircraft on the Ground
  • Aircraft Security searches/ Checks
  • Bomb Threats – Aircraft on Ground
  • Bomb Threats – Aircraft in Flight
  • Response to Disruptive Passengers in the Air (reflects Doc.9811)
  • In Flight Response to Act of Unlawful Seizure (Hijack) (reflects Doc. 9811)
  • Ground Response to Aircraft Security Emergencies
  • Closing Activities

Target Audience

  • Flight Deck
  • Cabin Crew
Course Code
3 Days
Price [EGP] : 1800.00
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Course Schedule

14 / 5 / 2024

11 / 6 / 2024

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