Aviation Internal Auditor

Level: Initial - Duration: 25 Hrs.

Target Population:

  • Quality Auditors
  • Quality Staff
  • Quality Managers

Prerequisites: Academic degree

Evaluation Means: Workshop Activities

This course is part of the Aviation Quality Management Diploma

Course Objectives

By the end of this Course participants will be able to :

  • List basic Regulatory Agencies, Aviation Organizations and Quality Management Systems. 
  • Explain what is the internal audit and its role in the organization.  
  • Identify the process in the audit program.
  • Determine the human factors in audit process. 
  • Describe the auditors training program.
  • Identify auditor responsibilities and activities.
  • Explain audit activities and phases.
  • Determine the audit technique used during documentation review phase.
  • To explain the audit activities of the audit performance and evidence gathering.
  • Analyze the audit finding.
  • Explain the audit reporting and follow up phases.
  • Determine the requirements of internal audit in various perspectives.

Course Contents

Module 1 : Audit Fundamentals

  • Regulatory and aviation organization and management systems.
  • Introduction of internal audit
  • Common audit terminology 
  • Human factors

Module 2 : Auditor Role

  • Auditors training
  • Auditors qualities
  • Auditors responsibilities and activities

Module 3 :Audit Phases 

  • Initiation & preparation
  • Documentation review 
  • Audit performance and evidence gathering
  • Audit plan

Module 4 : Audit Output

  • Audit Agenda
  • Analysis of findings
  • Audit reporting and follow up

Module 5 : Internal Audit Requirements

  • Requirements of internal audit in various perspectives ( IOSA, ISAGO, … etc.)
  • ISO 19011


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