EWIS Courses


Following several aviation incidents involving improper wiring repairs, The EWIS course helps operators and maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) organizations to better understand and maintain their aircraft electrical wiring. EGYPTAIR TRAINING ACADEMY  introduces EWIS courses for Technical staff dealing with any level of maintenance on aircraft electrical wiring in accordance to the international training standards and quality at any time.

The objectives of this course are to adequately evaluate the electrical wiring installation and effectively use the applicable aircraft wiring documentation, and to ensure that proper procedures and practices are used when performing maintenance actions so that reliability of aircraft electrical wiring is improved which leads to enhanced proficiency, reduced maintenance incidents, and improved safety.

The course includes theoretical and practical hours with assessment and examination.


- Basic Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems Course

Course Code : E1-0E-EWIS
Prerequisites : Maintenance Engineers (Electric & Avionics)
Course Duration : 5 Days (Theoretical )
2 Days (Practical)


  1. Introduction.
  2. Wiring practices documentation.
  3. Wire.
  4. Connective devices.
  5. Inspection.
  6. Housekeeping.
  7. Connective device repair.

- Recurrent Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems course

Course Code : E5-0E-EWIS
Prerequisites : Maintenance Engineers (Electric & Avionics)
Course Duration : 1 Day (Theoretical)


  1. Wiring practices documentation.
  2. Wire.
  3. Connective devices.
  4. Inspection.
  5. Housekeeping.