Engine Borescope Familiarization

Engine Borescope Familiarization for Graduate/Undergraduate Engineers (Theoretical and Practical) ( 30 Hours - 1500 LE)

Course Objectives

The purpose of the Borescope Inspection of the engine is to evaluate the condition and, if necessary, monitor under a cycle limitation, repair or remove the engine before a failure of the engine components. Trainees will have the knowledge mandatory for further specific Borescope training.

Target Audience

 Undergraduate aeronautical , mechanical and mechatronics engineers

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Course Outline

  1. Introduction to bore scope inspection
  2. Introduction to bore scope equipment.
  3. Bore scope terminology.
  4. Using bore scope / bore scope inspection procedures description
  5. Parts of engine to inspect
  6. Types of damage/ limits tables

Practical Training

Hatem Hussein Abdul Kader

Hatem Hussein Abdul Kader

EGYPTAIR TRAINING ACADEMY V.P. Consultant for Technical Training

Power Plant instructor engineer (theoretical and practical) for aircraft maintenance and overhaul staff. More than 12 types of aero engines are being instructed to match the needs of EGYPTAIR and the third party in a different scope of specialties for the most of the training courses levels. Qualifying the most of the engine work shop staff in accordance to their qualification program.

Unique experience in the development and training of borescope engine inspection programs for more than fifteen types of aero engines. Qualifying the EGME borescope team to be responsible for more than 200 engines in making the best maintenance decision in accordance to the standard level of inspection which lead to fleet reliability and time/cost saving.




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