Cabin Service Training

Cabin Service Training Courses

EGYPTAIR TRAINING CENTER offers the highest quality cabin crew training in the Middle East and Africa regions. All categories of training from initial new hire training to up-grading, recurrent and requalification training for all cabin crew members including instructors & pursers.

Cabin Service Courses



  • Introduction of cabin crew profession
  • The meaning of cabin crew and the personal qualifications
  • The difference between this profession and any other one


  • Personal hygiene
  • Hair style
  • Make up
  • Jewellery


Crew members coordination and communication

  • Flight phases
  • Various roles of cabin crew
  • Briefing


  • Healthy crew life style
  • Adapting to life style changes

Crew security and safety

  • Night flights
  • Crew in transit and hotels

Managing passenger interaction

  • Passenger with special needs

Customer service

  • Disruptive passenger
  • Communications
  • Customer loyalty

Introduction to airline catering + food service

  • Catering
  • Galley inventory
  • Flight report
  • Schedule
  • HACCP, catering visit
  • Cabin + lav. orientation
  • Special meals
  • Flight sales
  • Y / C service practical
  • B / C service practical
  • F / C service practical


  • P.A + demo
  • Amadeus
  • Frequent flyer
  • Work system

Administration Spirits