Common frequently asked questions by website visitors

What is the career plan for the maintenance engineer ?

There is a certain career plan that has to be followed in the maintenance engineering field.

First of all, after graduation, the engineer has to take the basic course, and then do the worksheet (on job training), after this he will be able to issue his license.

Then, he can obtain his first type which can be A320, B737-500, or B737-800. Finally, he can add any other types he wishes to have

What are the kinds of the basic engineering courses ?

There are (2) basic engineering courses:

-Basic Airframe & engine course : for the graduates of mechanical, mechatronics ,and aeronautical sections

-Basic Avionics & Electrical course :for the graduates of electrical ,communications ,and computer sections

Can the basic course be taken before graduation ?

No, these courses are only for graduates. There is an exception only for the students of faculty of engineering, aeronautical department, Cairo University. They can start to have the course on (2) phases in the 3rd & 4th years.

Is there a summer training, and how to apply ?

For summer training, please visit the Internship Registration Portal for all practical and on job training fields available. We have internship seasons on April and December each year. Also some of our training packages contain practical training.

What are the ground services courses, and to whom they are assigned ?

The ground services courses are concerned with the ramp, the instruments, and equipment that are used to serve the plane on ground like buses, pushback, toilette trucks, hiloader,it also includes ramp safety & marshalling courses. It's assigned for the people who operate the equipment & trucks like drivers, porters, marshalling personell, engineers, technicians, etc….

Can I have a course to be a pilot?

Unfortunately, we don't offer PPL (Private Pilots Licence), or CPL (Commercial Pilot License ) courses. We only offer type ratings to pilots already holding licenses. For license inquiry, you can contact the Egyptian Aviation Academy.

Do the courses offer me jobs after taking them ?

We are only responsible for training, we don't offer or guarantee jobs.

I want to ask about station training, where should I apply ?

You should make a request in the commercial training field for all station courses.

What is the commercial training also concerned with ?

It's concerned with ticketing, cargo, customer services courses.

I want to take a flight attendant course, where should I apply ?

You have to apply in the cabin crew training field.