Recurrent Dangerous Goods Regulations for Agents (Book1)

ECAA Approval No. DGR-175-001-A

Duration: 20 HRS (4 Days)

Target Population

  • Shippers
  • Persons undertaking the responsibilities of shippers
  • operator's staff acting as shippers
  • operators staff preparing dangerous goods as Company Materials (COMAT)
  • Packers
  • Staff of freight forwarders involved in processing dangerous goods
  • Operator's and ground handling agent's staff accepting dangerous goods


By the end of this course the trainees should be able to:

  • Know the contents of the dangerous goods regulations
  • Deal with all types of dangerous goods covered by the dangerous goods regulations. Specifically
  • Apply IATA dangerous goods regulations correctly
  • Understand the legal aspects involved
  • Differentiate between shipper’s and operator’s responsibilities and identify his responsibilities
  • Identify dangerous goods
  • Read the alphabetical list of dangerous goods
  • Apply the general packing requirements and the specific packing instructions or verify that they have been followed
  • Verify that the use of a packaging complies with the limitations of the specification indicated on the package
  • Properly mark and label a dangerous goods package or verify that the marking or labeling requirements have been met
  • Recognize and apply the appropriate state and/or operator variations
  • Accept or reject a shipment correctly by use of an acceptance check list
  • Follow general emergency procedures when a damaged/leaking package is discovered


  • Module 1 – Contents of The IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations
  • Module 2 – Dangerous Goods Classes And Divisions
  • Module 3 – Identification
  • Module 4 – Packing Requirements
  • Module 5 - Marking and Labeling
  • Module 6 – Documentation
  • Module 7 – State and operator Variations
  • Module 8 – Acceptance
  • Module 9 - Excepted Quantities
  • Module 10 - Excepted Quantities (Cont'd)
  • Module 11 – Storage and Loading
  • Module 12 –Provision of Information
  • Module 13 - Dangerous Goods Emergency Response
  • Module 14 - Radioactive Material
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