Recurrent Dangerous Goods Regulations for Flight Crew (Book2)

ECAA Approval No. DGR-175-002-A

Duration: 5 HRS (1 Day)

Target Population

  • Flight Crew Members
  • Load Planners


By the end of this course the trainees should be able to:

  • Be able to identify dangerous goods;
  • Have knowledge of the origin of the current regulations and be aware of the general philosophy;
  • Be able to identify the classes of dangerous goods;
  • Be able to refer to the List of Dangerous Goods;
  • Recognize and identify the hazard/handling labels applicable to dangerous goods;
  • Recognize and identify dangerous goods package use and package specification markings;
  • Be able to identify potential hidden hazards in cargo;
  • Be familiar with loading and storage procedures;
  • Be aware of the provisions for dangerous goods in baggage of passengers and crew;
  • Be familiar with emergency procedures


  • Unit 1: Applicability
  • Unit 2: Limitations
  • Unit 3: Classification
  • Unit 4: Identification
  • Unit 5: Marking & Labelling
  • Unit 6: Storage & Loading
  • Unit 7: Provision of information
  • Unit 8: Dangerous goods emergency response
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