Marketing Strategies and Brand Approaches

In this course, you'll develop an understanding of the importance of creating powerful Brands. You'll learn how to conduct the Branding process, market a Brand to be selected and preferred by consumers and satisfy social and psychological needs of customers.

Duration 5 Days (25 Hrs.)

Price LE 1500

Learning Outcomes

Knowledge and Understanding:

  1. Demonstrates clear understanding of the Brand concept and the Marketing strategies.
  2. Review critically Brand management and Marketing theory.

Intellectual Skills:

  1. Formulate, evaluate and justify Brand Marketing & development decisions.
  2. Critically evaluate the role of the marketing mix in supporting successful Brands.

Practical Skills:

  1. Demonstrate creativity and inventiveness.

Target Population

Students, Graduates, Employees, and Managers

  • Min. 18 Years Old
  • Min. High School Graduate
  • Good Command of English Language

Course Content

  • Module 1: Introduction
    • Marketing Strategy and Branding Strategy
    • Definition and Importance of Brand
    • Key Words in Brand Management
    • Brand Strategy
    • Case Studies
  • Module 2: The Seven Brand Approaches 
    • Economic Approach
    • Identity approach
    • Consumer-based Approach
    • Personality Approach
    • Relational Approach
    • Community Approach
    • Cultural Approach
  • Module 3: Effective Brand Marketing Strategies
    • Brand Building Strategies
    • Steps to Build a Powerful Brand
    • Practical Case Studies


Asmaa AlSaady

Certified Trainer & Instructor at International & Egyptian Universities and Academic Institutions EGYPTAIR Corporate Communication Senior and Adv. Marketing GM.

Certified Instructor at Mass Communication faculties in various International and Egyptian Universities in Cairo as the British University in Egypt ( BUE ) Misr International University (MIU) and Shorouk Academy in addition to supervising the Graduation projects for Integrated Marketing Communication ( IMC ) senior students

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