Passenger Fares and Ticketing

Duration in Hours : 50


  • IATA Geography , Global Indicators
  • Currency rules & rounding procedures
  • Specified routings & the mileage system
  • one way & return trips fare construction
  • Latest definitions of trip types
  • Special mileage provisions
  • Journeys with surface sectors:-
  • Circle trip with unreasonable connection
  • Permissible surface sector check
  • Surface break TPM check(SBTC)
  • Combination of consecutive/contiguous oW and Return sub journeys
  • Endorsement
  • Voluntary rerouting &reissues
  • Acceptance & issuance of MCos and MPDs
  • Currency restrictions
  • Involuntary rerouting
  • Refunds Industry and carrier add-ons and how to use the list of U.S. cities in geographical zones


By the end of this course the trainees should be able to Interpret and apply exceptions to various Rules & fare constructions checks Calculate fares for journeys with surface sectors Apply both industry (IATA) & carrier add-ons Follow appropriate endorsement procedures

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