Corporate Communication (IMC)

Achieve the necessary knowledge of Corporate Communication responsibilities and actions in small and multi-business corporates, using academic and virtual case studies.

Course Objectives

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Knowledge and understanding:
    • Knowledge of different Corporate Communication definitions
    • Understand the impact of corporate communication on the strategy and structure of the corporate
    • Identify characteristics of external and internal communication
    • Understand the effective usage of tools of external and internal communication
  2. Intellectual skills:
    • Understand and develop communication skills
    • Identify the corporate communication strategy and objectives
    • Differentiate between internal and external methods of communication
    • Understand corporate communication responsibilities and tasks
  3. Professional and practical skills:
    • Structure own corporate
    • Position the corporate communication dept. with responsibilities attached
    • Conduct various types of events procedures
  4. General and transferable skills:
    • Perform presentations professionally
    • Situational corporate communication cases studies.
    • Adapt Communicator character and act as a role model.
    • Build a culture of results and responsibility

Target Population

Corporate Leaders and Seniors

Course Duration

25 hrs (5 hrs / Day)

Course Contents

  • Corporate Communication Def.
  • Establishing Corporate Brand according to Corporate strategy.
  • Internal Communication Definition, Activities &Tools.
  • Internal Communication Case studies.
  • Practical Internal Communication Meetings.
  • Personal Communication Skills.
  • Corporate Communication Administrative Structure.
  • External Communication Definition Activities &Tools.
  • External Communication means eg. Press Conference.
  • Event Types Definitions& Case studies.
  • Event Launching practice.
  • Speech conducting.
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