Marketing Courses

Marketing Strategies and Brand Approaches

In this course, you'll develop an understanding of the importance of creating powerful Brands. You'll learn how to conduct the Branding process, market a Brand to be selected and preferred by consumers and satisfy social and psychological needs of customers.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

In this course you'll develop an understanding of Corporate Social Responsibilities, as an organizational policy and an ethic strategy. You'll compare the different views of the social responsibilities and their relation to government laws. You'll evaluate CSR models developed in different organizations across the world.


Corporate Communication (IMC)

Achieve the necessary knowledge of Corporate Communication responsibilities and actions in small and multi-business corporates, using academic and virtual case studies.


Events Management

Build a better understanding of Event Planning according to your corporate strategy and manage all the responsibilities and actions all types of Events. You'll be able to handle Event organizing difficulties and crisis, all with academic aspects and case studies.


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