Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

In this course you'll develop an understanding of Corporate Social Responsibilities, as an organizational policy and an ethic strategy. You'll compare the different views of the social responsibilities and their relation to government laws. You'll evaluate CSR models developed in different organizations across the world.

Duration 3 Days (25 Hrs.)

Course Price: LE 660


By the end of this Course participants will be able to :

Course Outcomes

  1. Understand the evolution of the role of the CSR in the economy.
  2. Understand the key theories of ethics and the moral reasoning.
  3. Appraise the interaction between corporate reporting to stakeholders and the boundaries of socially acceptable behavior by enterprises.
  4. Evaluate the development of corporate governance theory and practice. 
    Subject Specific Cognitive Skills
  5. Differentiate between CSR and the NGO’s Business.
  6. Acknowledge of a corporate environment according to ethical standards.

Target Population

Students, Graduates, Employees and Managers

Course Content


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