Events Management

Build a better understanding of Event Planning according to your corporate strategy and manage all the responsibilities and actions all types of Events. You'll be able to handle Event organizing difficulties and crisis, all with academic aspects and case studies.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Knowledge and understanding:
    1. Knowledge of different Concepts of Events
    2. Understand the impact of well- determined and organized Events in Corporate Image
    3. Identify characteristics of external and internal Event Procedures
    4. Understand the effective usage of tools of an Event
  2. Intellectual skills:
    1. Understand and develop communication skills
    2. Identify target of conducting an event according to the corporate policy and strategy
    3. Differentiate between internal and external methods of conducting an Even
    4. Understand Event Management responsibilities and tasks
  3. Professional and practical skills:
    1. Planning different types of Events
    2. Position the Event responsibilities according to corporate target and Team members qualifications
    3. Capability to organize various types of events
  4. General and transferable skills:
    1. Perform Event procedures professionally
    2. Situational Event cases studies.
    3. Adapt an Event organizer or planner character and act as a role model.
    4. Build a culture of results and responsibility

Target Population

Corporate Leaders and Seniors

Course Content


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