هذه هي الصفحة المرفقة مع محتويات البرنامج التدريبي و تحتوي على ملفات التمارين المستخدمة في التدريب و كذلك البرنامج التدريبي للفرقة


Course Objectives 

To provide employees with the training required to handle and process data items either manually or using computer devices. Upon completion, students will have the sufficient knowledge of Data Types (Numbers, Text, Date and Time), Tables, Records, Fields, Data Entry Skills, and Data Presentation Skills.

Students will be able to use this knowledge to collect, sort, manipulate data items, make data calculations, and prepare reports and charts in their work fields, using data processing desktop programs such as Microsoft™ Excel™.

Who Should Attend

All employees working, or prepared to work, with computers in daily tasks, such as Data Entry, Secretary, Writers, Supervisors, IT Staff in all fields, ….

High or Medium Education Levels.

Course Documents

Main Course PDF File

Lab PDF File

Course Contents 

Data, Information, and Knowledge


Electronic Tables

Example 1: Calculator

Data Handling and Saving Methods

Text Data Types

Example 1: Numbers

Example 2: File List

Date and Time

Example 1: حساب الاقدميات

Data Entry Methods

Basic Operations on Data Sets

Example 1: PivotTable Sample Data

Example 2: اعلانات

Example 3: Exams Report


Example 1: Browser Statistics

Example 2: حصر أعداد المتدربين

Example 3: School Bus


Example 1: مبيعات الربع الأول 2010

Example 2: متابعة تنفيذ الفرق2008

Other Data Types

Practical Examples

Example 1: IATA Evaluation

Example 2: Evaluation Statistics


Videos of the Course