Module Change Courses

This courses are designed to support all the benefits of engine modular construction as:

  • Decreased turn-round time for repair.
  • Lower overhaul maintenance costs.
  • Reduced spare engine holdings.
  • Saving on transport costs.
  • Ease of transport and storage.

Regarding to the current and the future training and development plans of many airlines to have the competent, sufficient and backup staff able to practice a standard engine module change to satisfy their needs, EGYPTAIR TRAINING CENTER introduces module change courses for many types of aircraft engines in accordance to the international training standards and quality at any time.

The aim of these courses is to provide the competent staff to cover the module change maintenance levels.

The ATA 104 level IV is theoretical & practical training sessions designed for shop maintenance staff for removal &installation of major/minor engine modules & also provides the information necessary to understand engine systems.

I- Dedicated Engine Module Change Course

Course Reference : ATA 104 level IV
STUD.QUALIF. : Shop maintenance staff.
Prerequisites : Having LWTR Letter E Or equivalent license
Course Duration : 120 HRS (72 Theoretical - 48 Practical )


  1. Dedicated engine construction.
  2. Dedicated engine systems description.
  3. Dedicated engine technical documentation.
  4. Dedicated engine major/minor modules replacement.
  5. Dedicated engine components/tools identification.
  6. Dedicated engine major/minor modules removal/installation (OJT).

II- Dedicated Engine Module Change Recurrent Course

Course Reference : ATA 104 level IV
STUD.QUALIF. : Shop maintenance engineers.
Prerequisites : Having approval or training on the dedicated engine type.
Course Duration : 18 HRS


  1. Engine modules removal/installation overview.
  2. Engine systems overview.
  3. Latest engine configuration.
  4. Latest engine events (study/troubleshooting).


A- Both courses can be applied for many types of engines include:

  1. CFM56-3C, CFM56-5C.
  2. V2500-A1, V2500-A5.
  3. PW4158, PW4090 and Trent 700.

B- All Courses can be done for Engineers Or Technicians with a different level of training in
accordance to the depth of Knowledge & Skills upon Customer request.