Iraqi Airways Authority Renews its approval to EGYPTAIR TRAINING ACADEMY

Cairo in December 2021

Proceeding from the leadership of EGYPTAIR TRAINING ACADEMY in the field of aviation training and the high confidence it enjoys among neighboring countries and its continuous quest for expansion, spreading and intensifying cooperation with airlines in the Arab world .The Academy recently received a high-level delegation from the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority to renew the approval of training Iraqi pilots, cabin crew, engineers and dispatchers.

The delegation was briefed on the latest training programs and simulators, which include Airbus A320-A320 NEO- A220/300- A330/ A340- and Boeing B737/800-B777 types, as well as cabin crew training on Emergency Evacuation Trainer (CEET); and the Cabin Service Trainer (CST), where the delegation expressed its admiration for the modern and advanced capabilities of the academy.

It is worth noting that crews from the Iraqi cabin crew have arrived to start their training process, hoping that this constructive cooperation will continue; to consolidate cooperation ties and increase the efficiency of its human factors.