RwandAir Crews Receive Training Courses at EGYPTAIR Training Academy

In light of EGYPTAIR Training Academy pursuit to provide complete training facilities in Africa, a top delegation headed by RwandAir Chairman visited the academy recently. The delegation praised the Academy facilities and applying the international training standards.

The delegation had a tour to see the latest training facilities and flight simulators of the Airbus A330 – A340 – A320 and the Boeing B737-800 / B777, in addition to the cabin crew CEET Emergency training, CSR and the modern aircraft maintenance and the highly standard training courses.

This cooperation comes as part of the Academy’s strategy to expand and enhance the mutual ties with the African Airlines and to provide the training services to the engineers, cabin crews, cockpit crews, air freight and security staff through internationally accredited Egyptian trainers which gives the Academy a better competitive advantage in Africa. The delegation has discussed the cooperation initiatives in the various training fields for cockpit crew, cabin crew and engineers in the various fields and aircraft types.

Moreover, an Air Burkina delegation visited the Academy to consider the mutual cooperation, cockpit crew training, cabin crew training and aircraft maintenance thanks to the high capabilities of EGYPTAIR Training Academy and its footprint in the African continent.