EGYPTAIR TRAINING ACADEMY and Iraqi Airways Cooperation

In the context of the mutual cooperation between EGYPTAIR Training Academy and Iraqi Airways, Mr. Safwat Musallam, Chairman and CEO of EGYPTAIR HOLDING COMPANY, declared that EGYPTAIR Training Academy has offered a number of training courses for Iraqi Airways cabin crew. The training sessions included the latest methods and techniques of safety measurements on CEET device as well as the CST device.

Mr. Musallam added that the Academy offered a special training to upgrade Iraqi Airways co-pilots to become pilots-in-command for the aircraft type A330.. It is expected that the same program will be applied to a number of cabin crew members of different airlines.

In addition, it is expected to hold a training session to Iraqi Airways pilots on several Aircraft types such as A330-A340, Boeing B737-800 including the latest training programs and the flight simulators (A330-A340-A320-B777 and B737-800).

An Iraqi airways inspector and chief instructor attended these sessions and the trainees praised the highly qualified accredited trainers and as well as the academy’s latest technology equipment.

Moreover, the delegation has praised the Academy facilities and highly sophisticated equipment assuring that they match the international criteria in the aviation industry.

El-Masry El-Youm