Virtual Career Expo 2022

EGYPTAIR Training Academy Virtual Booth in the UCCD 2022 Virtual Career Expo. Come and explore our set of training services in the Aviation Field

 Welcome to EGYPTAIR Training Academy Virtual Booth. Aviation industry includes many interesting jobs that take care of passengers and goods from the moment of travel planning to luggage claim at the destination.


By law, all Aviation jobs require passing certain approved training (theoretical/practical), having the necessary On Job Training tasks to gain the required License to do the Job. These training tasks also require some set of pre-qualification, such as, academic degree, English language proficiency level, and so on. Most of the aviation field jobs require a recurrent training every one/two years to renew the given license.

Aviation Fields

EGYPTAIR Training Academy provide training services for the whole spectrum of Aviation Fields.

In the following list, we'll demonstrate these fields, showing general prerequisites to start.


We provide Pilots Type Training for the aircraft types working in EGYPTAIR, we accept pilots having the Private Pilot License (PPL), which pilots get from Pilots Academies like the Egyptian Aviation Academy.

Cabin Crew

There are general conditions to be a Cabin Crew member, also specific training and acceptance conditions vary from one Airline to Another. 

We provide an unapproved Cabin Crew Qualification Course to get the general Knowledge of what is like to be a Cabin Crew [Check Here]

Maintenance Engineers

There are two types of maintenance engineers serving the aircraft while on ground:

  1. Airframe/Powerplant Engineer
    Require Aeronautical/Mechanical Engineering BSc degree to start
    We provide the Approved Basic Training Course for B1 Engineers [Check Here]
  2. Electric/Avionics Engineer
    Require Electrical/Electronics/Communication Engineering BSc degree to start
    We provide the Approved Basic Training Course for B2 Engineers [Check Here] 

Also we provide the required On Job Training till you are ready to get the LWTR License

After you get the LWTR License, you can get the Specific Aircraft Training

Cargo Personnel

Cargo is a very important field in Aviation, whether it was passenger luggage or just transferred goods. To work in this field, or even start your own Cargo business you have to pass the following approved Cargo Courses:

Ticketing and Reservation

This field is very important to all Travel and Tourism companies, as there are set of training courses you have to get to work or run your business. EGYPTAIR Training Academy provide you with a complete diploma with approved exams and on job training in Fairs and Ticketing [Check Here]

Quality Personnel

Being approved from aviation authorities is a very long process, which needs well trained Quality Personnel to:

  • Run the approval process at first (For the Business and for the Personnel)
  • Ensure the validity of the gained licenses through applying quality assurance and control tasks

We provide a wide variety of Quality Courses for Managers and Quality assurance personnel. [Check Here]

Soft Skills Course

Whatever Job you get or wherever you work, you'll need these set of skills to advance your career. Check out this set of soft skill courses [Check Here]

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