Academy Profile

EGYPTAIR TRAINING ACADEMY is a business unit, part of the EGYPTAIR Holding Company. The Academy is conveniently located at Cairo Airport in newly-built campus, which complies with all the architectural and infrastructure requirements of a modern training facility, providing a convenient place for training to all personnel in Egypt and all around the world.

Through this Website, you will take a tour throughout each of these activities to explore every service that EGYPTAIR TRAINING ACADEMY can provide you with. We trust that all employees in the airline industry aspiring to improve their skills will find in these pages a training program to suit their needs.


Since EGYPTAIR establishment, training was in the core of the aviation process and shares the company improvement by introducing highly qualified and trained personnel in all the aviation fields.

In the early 1970's, EGYPTAIR established the Training Sector to gather all the training activities in one unit that provides training for Pilots, Cabin Crew, Maintenance Personnel, and Ground Staff. The sector continued in adding more training scopes and growth till it became one of the recognized training centers in the region.

In the last 20 years, the EGYPTAIR Training Center expanded it's services to cover the Egyptian companies, Middle East, African, and Arabian customers. It's now a dedicated business unit serving many customers in the region.

As a new business strategy, EGYPTAIR administration has seen the potential in each training activity to grow as a dedicated training center. And with the Egyptian direction towards training in all fields, EGYPTAIR again gathered all the training centers under a bigger umbrella which is now EGYPTAIR TRAINING ACADEMY.

EGYPTAIR TRAINING ACADEMY includes not only flight crew, cabin crew and technical training, but also ground services, cargo, financial, commercial and administrative training and development practically all activities needed within a modern airline.

History of EGYPTAIR

Established in May 1932, EGYPTAIR is one of the pioneer airlines in the world, being the seventh air carrier worldwide. It's the first company established in the Middle East and Africa.

The airline is built on its rich and impressive history that matches that of its homeland. Its fleet started with the Spartan Cruiser which commenced EGYPTAIR's first commercial operation in 1933.

Afterwards, American and French aircrafts were bought to enhance the fleet. EGYPTAIR was the first carrier in the Middle East to use jets, when it enhanced its fleet with comet 4-C jets in 1960.
It was also the first airline in the Middle East to fly Boeing 707 aircrafts to cope with the growing international traffic and to operate longer routes.

Today, as a result of years of continuous investment, EGYPTAIR is operating one of the most modern and new fleets in the industry.

Not only does EGYPTAIR invest heavily in new aircraft, but also in omit it training facilities, which is obviously apparent from the amount of omit one of them that is taking place in EGYPTAIR TRAINING ACADEMY.