Training Academy Facilities Layout

EGYPTAIR TRAINING ACADEMY is located on an area of about 60000 m2. The site consists of seven buildings (A, B, C, D, E, H, G and S); these buildings are situated as shown here.


Building A

  1. General Services Directorate.
  2. Specialized Training Department.

Building B

  1. Ground Services Training Department.
  2. Cafeteria.

Building C

  1. Emergency (Safety) Training Department.

Building D

  1. Cabin Service Trainers (for cabin crew).
  2. Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer (for flight crew and cabin crew).
  3. Flight Services Training Department (for Cabin Crew – management and classrooms).
  4. Cafeteria.

Building E

  1. Synthetic Training Directorate & Devices: A320, A330, A340 , B777 and B737-800.
  2. Quality Directorate.
  3. Financial Department.
  4. Safety Department.

Building H

  1. Planning and Training Development Directorate.

Building G

  1. General Services Technicians.

Building S

This building accommodates at least forty classrooms, a conference hall, and empty simulator bay capable of holding two synthetic training devices. It also includes the following:

  1. Training Academy VP's office.
  2. Technical Training Directorate (for airplanes technical staff).
  3. Aviation Training Department.
  4. Marketing and Sales Directorate.
  5. Human Resources Training directorate.
  6. Arab Air Carriers Organization (AACO), Regional Training Academy, Cairo Branch.
  7. V.P Training Technical and Follow up bureau.
  8. V.P Training Bureau.
  9. Website Department