IATA UFTAA Foundation Preparation Course

NOW you can register in EGYPTAIR course that qualifies you to pass the IATA UFTAA Foundation Preparation Course


       Duration Course: 26 Days - (3 days/week - 3 hours/day - 4-7 PM)

       IATA Kit Price : 540 USD       

       Course Price : 3000 L.E

IATA UFTA Diploma Rules

  • 6 Modules to pass
  • Pass mark 70%
  • After registration you can take the exam from 3 months up to 18 months
  • There is an Exam every 3 Months (March - June - September - December) - Second Week
  • 4 - 12 Trainees per Course
  • You can get a FREE Exam Retake - (100 USD after that)
  • IATA UFTAA Foundation Preparation Course certificate

Exams Places

  • EGYPTAIR Admin Building South - Hall (4)
  • IATA Building - Sheraton - Cairo
  • You can take the exam in your country

Characteristics of IATA UFTAA Diploma


  • A travel agency or call center
  • An airline
  • A hotel or cruise ship
  • A tour operator or travel wholesaler


The new Foundation Course is a 3-in-1 comprehensive package including:

  • Industry Products and General Knowledge
  • International Airfares and Ticketing
  • Global Distribution Systems (GDS) Training and E-Ticketing
  • Once you receive the Foundation diploma, you become a valuable asset in the market place and are qualified to work as a Certified Travel Consultant or start your own business.

ENROLL TODAY in the Foundation Course, and build the career you’ve always wanted. 200 authorised training centres worldwide will help you enroll in the Foundation Course as a classroom or distance learning student.