Scope of Work

EGYPTAIR TRAINING ACADEMY designs, develops, and provides training services covering different areas of the civil aviation activities. These services are provided to:

  1. EGYPTAIR Holding Company and its subsidiaries
  2. The local market
  3. Regional and international markets

The offered training services cover the following main civil aviation fields:

  1. Flight /Safety (Cockpit Crew)
  2. Safety/Cabin Services (Cabin Crew)
  3. Maintenance /Repair /Overhaul (Technical Staff)
  4. Airplane Performance/Airplane Dispatch/ Weight and Balance (Operations Engineers/Dispatchers)
  5. Ground equipment Maintenance/ Repair /Overhaul (Ground Services Technical Staff).
  6. Commercial Training
  7. Cargo Training
  8. Administration Training
  9. Aviation Financial Training
  10. Aviation Security Training
  11. Quality Training 
  12. Computer Training
  13. Language Training
  14. Human Resources Training

The training is designed in a modular form and is accomplished by using the most updated technology in the field of aviation training including:

  1. Synthetic Training Devices (Full Flight Simulators, Cockpit Procedure Trainers, and Flight Management System Trainers)
  2. Theoretical training using developed classrooms and using the most recent demonstration tools
  3. Computer Based Training (CBT)
  4. Cabin Service Trainers (CST)
  5. Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers (CEET)
  6. On Job training
  7. Auto-Reservation Labs
  8. Computer Labs
  9. Language Labs

All trainings services are done in full consistency with the international and local authorities' regulations, standard and rules and in compliance with the applicable environmental, occupational health, and safety legal requirements. The training Academy has been granted all the approvals/certifications necessary to assume its responsibilities in the different areas of aviation.

Delivery of courses is executed through experienced and a skilled team of instructors. Instructors are recruited and trained according to the training Academy’s standards based on international and local authorities' standards/ regulations.

Trainees may receive additional services offered by EGYPTAIR TRAINING ACADEMY (Transportation / Accommodation / Cafeterias) as per contracted terms and conditions. EGYPTAIR TRAINING ACADEMY can offer customers complete package deals that include training/ accommodation/ visits to tourist locations.